Barbari bread machine

Barbari bread machine PLC001

Automatic bread machine

ay Karan ebda Barbari bread machine

In this bakery machine, the baking is in the form of a tunnel.

It is suitable for baking traditional breads (oily and tafton), pizza and barbary.

This device is capable of using both diesel and gas fuel and provides the heat required for baking bread under and on the baking plates and produces quality bread.

Setting up a bakery machine

The Barbari bread machine will be installed and operated in your bakery by our technical experts, and full training will be given on how to work with the machine, and it will be delivered to the buyer after initial testing.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Device name :Barbari bread machine
Device type :Tunnel
Device model:PLC001
The power electric gearbox strip :0.5 KW
Power required:Single phase electricity
production capacity :300 to 400in each hour
brand :ay Karan ebda company
Weight :1.800Kilograms
Delivery time:20 to 25work day
Product price:Phone call to the company

Device features

Device features
  • Can be moved by crane to different places
  • It has suitable wheels for easy movement in the bakery
  • Low power consumption due to the inverter
  • Having a silent electric gearbox with a long life
  • Ability to use fuel in two types of diesel and gas
  • Direct and indirect heat
  • The presence of an air valve handle to release excess heat from the oven in order to prevent bread from burning
  • Uniform baking of high-quality bread and baking kernels
  • Increase the cooking speed
  • The device is controlled by PLC
  • Low energy consumption due to the use of multi-layer insulation
  • The ability to cook all kinds of breads (oily, Berber, Tufton) and pizza
  • Ease of working with the device and its settings
  • Compliance with traditional cooking in the relevant device
  • Long shelf life after proper cooking