Benefits of whole grain bread

Benefits of whole grain bread

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Benefits of whole grain bread

Besides, most people use more bread and flour products in their food basket, it is necessary to know the best type of bread.

A good bread has a healthy appearance, completely toasted and cooked, and there is no burning on its surface, and it is pleasant in terms of taste, smell, and taste.

By producing bakery machines, ay Karan ebda company has engineered and considered all the factors required for baking quality bread on their machines.

Breads made with wholemeal flour have a much higher nutritional value than breads made with white flour, and their daily consumption provides some of the body’s daily need for minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Types of wholemeal bread include wheat wholemeal bread and wholemeal barley bread, each of which has its own properties and is very useful for the health of the body.

نان سبوس دار آی کاران ابداع

Ay Karan ebda Company is a producer of bakery machines

But about whole grain bread and its benefits, know that;

Bran forms the outer wall and skin of wheat and is located in that part of wheat that is always exposed to the sun and uses the sun’s rays. which therefore has a large amount of vitamins, in general it can be said that all the active and living parts of wheat are collected in its skin. And among the benefits of Darsbos bran bread, it is a very good source of fiber, manganese, magnesium, salts, as well as potassium, selenium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc, and it contains vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, folate, and thiamin.

آی کاران ابداع
Ay Karan ebda Company is a producer of bakery machines

And among the benefits of wholemeal bread, it can be mentioned that wholemeal bread prevents the rapid absorption of sugar and fat into the blood and makes blood sugar controlled and is very useful for people with diabetes and reduces the risk of heart, vascular and digestive diseases. Due to the absorption of a lot of water, bran has positive effects in the diet despite bringing a feeling of satiety, and it also causes better digestion of food and prevents constipation.

And the disadvantages of not using bran in prepared bread flour;

Separating bran from flour and preparing bread with bran-free flour increases intestinal disorders, increases the likelihood of diseases and heart attacks, increases the incidence of colon, anal, pancreatic, uterine endometrial tissue, ovary and prostate cancers, increases the incidence of obesity. food allergies increase, as well as an increase in toxic substances in the liver and kidneys, and it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, decreases resistance to various infections, and lower immunity against viruses, which are among the consequences of deficiency Wheat bran is harmful to people’s health.

And also the increase of anger, aggression, depression, mental tension, excessive fatigue, boredom and as a result it reduces the vitality of the society, which are other side effects caused by separating bran from flour.

Therefore, by consuming whole grain breads, many treatment costs caused by diseases can be reduced.

I hope the officials of these guilds (flour production) will not withhold this divine blessing from dear people.


In line with the production of bakery machines, I Karan Abda company tries to observe the quality of bread in baking and the traditionality of bread baking in the production of bakery machines.

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