Essay on bread

Essay on bread

Essay on bread

in the name of God

Thanks be to God who created bread for us. Bread is one of the greatest gifts and blessings that God has given to His servants.

مقاله در مورد نان
Ay Karan ebda Company is a producer of bakery machines

The importance of bread:

Bread is a source of blessing and strength for worship.

The Messenger of God, may God have mercy on her and give her peace, said;

God, put bread in our life in such a way that with the least amount of it, we get the most benefit and strength. God, do not make it a problem for us to get bread, because if there is no bread, we cannot fast, we cannot pray, we cannot perform any of our religious duties.

Kafi, Volume 6, Page 287, Hadith 6

Steps to prepare bread:

The raw material of bread is wheat. According to the amount of ash in wheat flour, flours are classified.

The less ash in the flour, the better the flour, and the higher the wheat flour protein, the stronger the flour.

Bread is made by mixing flour, water, salt and yeast and after the dough preparation, fermentation and baking process.

The best bread is the one that is prepared according to the principles ordered and no preservatives are added to it.

The dough should be made with yeast, not baking soda.Currently, the best bread in the world is the bread that heats up everywhere and is almost germ-free.The devices of this company are engineered and made in such a way that the existing heat cooks the bread completely and produces high-quality bread.

Ay Karan ebda Company is a producer of bakery machines

Among Iranian breads, we can mention traditional and fancy breads, including:

Lavash Bread :

Lavash bread dries up quickly and should be moistened with water before use. If they put the warm name in a plastic bag, it can be consumed easily for several days.

Sangak bread:

It is a cone-shaped bread that is baked on hot stones, which ay karan ebda company has greatly reduced the gas fuel consumption by placing special cast iron parts on sangak machines.

Sangak bread is better, more desirable and healthier than other breads, and its percentage of minerals, protein and vitamins is higher.

It is said that this bread was designed by the late Sheikh Bahai during the time of Shah Abbas.

Taftoun bread :

Tufton bread is round and thin and thicker than Lavash bread and thinner than Sengek and Berberi, and it also becomes stale later than Sengek and Berberi.

Berberi bread:

One of the characteristics of Barbari bread is its rapid staleness. For this reason, this bread is consumed warm and fresh.

But fancy breads:

It is one of the bulky breads and has a lot of variety.

Measures used to delay the staleness of bread:

The use of the appropriate formula for the preparation of bread and the correct implementation of technological methods, among which the following items can be mentioned:

_Keeping the moisture of the dough at a balanced level.

_The proper way and duration of kneading the dough.

_Cooking temperature and temperature during the final fermentation of chin.

_Respecting the relative humidity of the air during the final fermentation.

_cooking time

_How to pack and store the product.

If we stack the bread while it is hot before it cools down, it will have the following consequences.

The shape and appearance of the bread will change.

_ It causes premature staleness of bread.

It provides the basis for mold in bread.

It becomes a factor for increasing bread waste.

It will cause gastrointestinal diseases for consumers.

Avoid putting hot bread on top of each other.

In line with the production of bakery machines, ay Karan ebda company tries to observe the quality of bread in baking and the traditionality of bread baking in the production of bakery machines.

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